Who Are We?


Welcome to the Kitschy Kountdown. We’re your hostesses, Kelsey and Kelsey. Friends since we were two, we’ve always shared a passion for words, which has recently transcended into a love of podcasts. This love, combined with our highly opinionated natures, resulted in the creation of this podcast.

The Kitschy Kountdown is a podcast designed to validate women as they encounter the juxtapositions of their daily lives. As they drive to work and skirt through grocery aisles, we aim to help them feel understood and united, to feel part of a community that sheds the weight of isolation and loneliness. The Kitschy Kountdown serves as a gathering place where women are provided an entertaining viewpoint on all of life’s intricacies. We want them to say “I thought I was the only one” while sighing with relief that they’re not.


Meet The Kelseys

Hey guys! I’m Kelsey, a blend of deep south and yankee culture raised in the great state of Texas. I’m married to a green-eyed outdoorsman who’s absurd amounts of handsome. Coffee, with coconut milk, please, is at the top of my list of things I’m thankful for along with a new book, a clean kitchen, and a few episodes of New Girl. To pay the bills, I teach tweens how to read, and when I’m not at work, I really do intend to eat healthy and workout. Sometimes (read: most times), however, I struggle with follow through. I hope all of these loves and joys and struggles meld together beautifully in conversations with my friend and fellow co-host. Most of all, I hope you find a place to connect, to latch onto, and to gain a perspective of community. You are always welcome at The Kitschy Kountdown. 

Hi! I'm one half of your Kelsey co-host team here at The Kitschy Kountdown. I'm a mid twenties Texan and proud of it! I'm married to a boot wearing, Ford driving, wine selling, handyman, and cat mom to Ellie and Pete- the most adorable and obnoxious kittens you'll ever meet. I work as a speech language pathologist with octogenarians- which is another podcast for another time. Aside from my love for run on sentences, I'm an avid reader, real-housewife wannabe, Mexican food aficionado, budget decorator, and continental traveler. My hope is that you'll find a connection with Kelsey and I as we discuss all the wonderful, weird, terrible, trivial, and thoughtful aspects of life and breath a sigh of relief after listening to our conversations, saying “I thought I was the only one.”