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Episode 75: KB Tells All: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Of Pregnancy

Episode 75: KB Tells All: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Of Pregnancy

This week's episode is an audio diary, if you will, chronicling KB's pregnancy journey because Baby Baty is bound to make his appearance ANY DAY NOW. For those of us who haven't walked in her shoes, she's here to answer the questions about what it's really like to grow a tiny human. For those who have shared her experience, use it as a time to reminisce on your own experience and take a walk down memory lane. Baby Baty, we're ready for you! 

Also, if you're in need of a laugh, give this video a watch before you read on.

1. The Best Thing: The best thing about pregnancy, no contest, has been feeling my baby boy kick. Even better is seeing Tom feel him kick. At 37 weeks, those kicks are stronger and stronger, and I am in awe that there’s a living, breathing human inside of me. Baby Boy and I also play a little game sometimes where he kicks and I flick him back. It’s just delightful.

2. The Most Unexpected Thing: The most unexpected thing about pregnancy has been the loss of appetite I’ve experienced. Quite frankly, I was looking forward to wanting to eat ALL of the things. Although you will learn that eating ALL of the things isn’t the thing to do. Food aversions have been more my thing. Please don’t feed me chicken.

3. The Worst Thing: The worst thing about pregnancy is the unknown. Is baby okay? Will baby be okay when he gets here? When will he get here? How will it all happen? There are SO many questions I could ask. But Baby Boy’s times are in His hands, and I feel a lot of peace about that.

4. The Hardest Thing: The hardest thing, and the thing that is growing increasingly harder, is getting comfortable. Hello, big belly. You can’t sleep on your back or stomach when pregnant, so that just leaves your right and left side, and that’s not enough choices for me. Sitting on a couch is hard too. Standing is probably the most comfortable position for me. Weird.

5. The Funniest Thing: The funniest thing about being pregnant are all of the times I’ve had to make a mad dash to the bathroom. Peeing in your pants is funny. Don’t deny it.

6. The Scariest Thing: Ugh, this was the scariest thing and a hard couple of days. Before finding out I was B12 deficient, I passed out at work. The paramedics came, I went to the Emergency Room, the nurses had a hard time finding Baby Boy’s heartbeat. I just don’t even like talking about it, you guys. But I’m okay now and so is my little one.

7. The Most Annoying Thing: So while peeing in my pants is kinda funny and also makes for a lot of laundry, the most annoying thing about being pregnant is ALL the trips to the bathroom. Specifically in the middle of the night. Like, can’t I try to stock up on sleep before my newborn gets here? Maybe I’ll learn to stop drinking so much water at night.

8. The Sweetest Thing: The absolute sweetest thing about being pregnant is seeing my little boy on a sonogram. I love it when he’s licking his little lips or when he has the hiccups. It makes things so much more real. And he’s so cute and fat. I nearly die every time.

9. The Thing I Wish I Did Differently: Alright, so the thing that I wish I’d done differently? More squats, more kegels, more walking. Alas, fires happen and sometimes life gets in the way. I’m not going to be mad at myself for not preparing my body in the most perfect was to have this baby. It’s made to do this.

10. The Most Exciting Thing: WHAT THE WORLD. When this episode airs, we’ll be less than three weeks away from meeting Baby Baty. I can’t handle it. Bye, I’m going to go do all of the things to get ready.

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