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Episode 69+70: Adulting: Ways We're Winning At Being Grown Ups

Episode 69+70: Adulting: Ways We're Winning At Being Grown Ups

Nothing is scarier than the moment someone is looking for the nearest adult and in the midst of looking for your mom, you realize YOU are the grown up. This week's episode is an homage to all the things we do on a daily basis that make us feel like dignified adults in the hopes of bolstering our self confidence the next time we do something not-so-adultish. We've gathered examples from our own lives, as well as some that you shared so we can come together and all feel like A+ grown ups. Give this episode a listen, read the list below, and then tag us on Instagram to share your own experiences of adulting 101. We are @kitschykountdown, hit us up.


  • Paying with a credit card at a restaurant.


  • Seeing a Taco Bell and driving right by instead of stopping.


  • Using up all the produce in the fridge in a timely manner without wasting it.


  • Going to the post office or any government agency.


  • Not so much the fact that my BFF has a baby, but the fact that she's having a sip n' see for said baby.


  • Scheduling my dentist appointments, buying household cleaning supplies, choosing not to eat junk food or take a shot, buying friends baby shower gifts. It feels like we’re playing pretend.


  • Signing permission slips for my kids. I know I am their mom. But it always makes me feel like a fraud. Who is letting me do this?! Why am I the responsible party?!


  • Pumping my own gas.


  • Doing any kind of maintenance on my car, like getting the oil changed or getting a flat tire fixed. Oh, and paying bills.


  • Parking my car in the garage.


  • Getting my car washed at least once a month, because it just feels good to have a clean car!


  • Nailing meal planning.


  • Folding all of my laundry & putting it away in the same day, prepping our coffee pot the night before, remembering to water my plants and not kill them, meal prepping for the week and ironing a shirt or skirt on my actual ironing board and not with my flat iron.


  • Cleaning the house. There’s something about having your own space (not just your own room in someone else’s space, I’m talking your own SPACE) and it being clean.... so adult. Also, meal planning and grocery shopping for my boys every week and going to movies by myself and not feeling self conscious for a single moment of it.


  • Having all the ingredients on hand for when I want to whip something together at the last minute.


  • Backing in and parallel parking.


  • Having something in my purse that someone needs, like medicine or a phone charger.


  • Pre-buying cards and gift wrap without an occasion. I have a small stock of cute birthday, wedding, baby, thank you, and sympathy cards that I keep on hand and I feel like I really have my life together when an occasion arises and I can just open a drawer and have just the right card without having to hurry and swing by the store before I see the person.


  • Keeping a really nice pen in my purse. I hardly ever use it, but when I need it, I have a heavy pen to jot down a note like a grown A woman.


  • Using fabric softener. I read an article that millennials are killing the fabric softener market and I feel like it’s a small victory for me and the softener industry when I remember to pour it in it’s little compartment.


  • Wanting my husband to get new shirts at Target instead of getting something for myself.


  • Budgeting, crying over budgeting, training a dog, crying when the dog pees on the rug, going on a date with my husband and only talking about bills, our jobs, and how we both need a raise, wanting a new car for my husband more than anything, going to bed early every single night that I possibly can, passing on a lot of social invites d/c of work, having young photographers asking me to mentor them, asking my husband to mow the yard, caring a lot about our lawn… but mostly crying.


  • Drinking a glass (or two) of wine under the pavilion with my husband after dinner.


  • Addressing adults by their first name. It’s like a rite of passage. You go from calling people “Mr./Mrs./Miss [Last Name]” to first name basis, you become an adult.


  • Putting money from our BUDGET into our Roth IRA. Writing that check from our checking account every year to fully fund two Roth IRS is prob the most adulting thing to me.


  • Running errands and not wearing a college T-shirt with leggings but something a bit more grown up. Also when I can make a charcuterie board.


  • Waking up when my alarm goes off. Making myself an actual breakfast. Also, everyone on our street is retired and has great yards so we are attempting to be adults and water our grass because we’re the only house that doesn’t have any.


  • Feeling frustrated by mismatched Tupperware lids.


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