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Episode 57: Life Tradeoffs: Choosing The Great Over The Good

Episode 57: Life Tradeoffs: Choosing The Great Over The Good

Raise your hand if you've ever felt like you don't have agency over your own life (insert raised hand emoj over here)! We've all felt like this at one point or another, but the truth is, life is full of choices and trade offs. There are a whole heck of a lot of things that are out of our control, but there are also a whole heck of a lot that ARE. This week's episode is dedicated to those choices we make in our own lives in an attempt to highlight the ways you can make choices in your own life.


Tradeoffs We Make In Our Lives

  • I'm saying "no" to sweets right now so I can take some intentional time pursuing a healthy pregnancy. I made a list of healthy pregnancy snacks to hang on the fridge. The list serves as a quick grocery list check and a help when I’m in that “Oh crap I’m hungry. Someone give me some avocado toast STAT” state. In case you need this list, too, here's what I got:
    • Avocado toast
    • String cheese + fruit
    • Yogurt
    • Small garden salad
    • Peanut butter + apple/banana
    • Mixed nuts
    • Raw veggies + hummus
    • Hardboiled eggs
    • Pickle spear + olives
    • Unsweetened apple sauce
    • Graham crackers + cream cheese + fruit spread
    • Dates + coconut butter
    • Rice cake + almond butter


  • I try real hard to say "no" to keeping Cheez It's in the house to make saying "yes" to healthier choices easier. You better believe if there's a Cheez It within a 20 foot radius, I'm going to eat it. I'm learning that healthy eating starts in the grocery store.


  • At the Baty house, we say "no" to eating out during the week so we can say yes to bigger dates. This is kind of unspoken between me and Tom. We didn’t ever sit down and say “We aren’t going to eat out during the week.” It just kind of happened organically. And that’s not to say that we don’t grab Panda on a Thursday night sometimes because living a full life is hard, sisters. But we tend to save our eating out for date nights (each week-every other week) or when we have gift cards.


  • I'm pretty intentional about saying "no" to filling my week with social commitments every night to say "yes" to time for recharging, which is high on the priority list of an introvert. Some people are energized by being around people all the live long day, but I am not one of those people. I need a night off to not talk to anyone or go anywhere in order to make my highest point of social contribution the rest of the week.


  • Taking this a step further, I say "no" to after work commitments in general to say "yes" to early bedtimes. I LOVE going to bed early, and my after-work activities are already time consuming: dinner, picking up the house, recording KK, winding down, getting ready for bed. But sleep is SO important. Sure, it means I didn’t last long in my book club. But that’s fine.  I’m getting to bed by 9:00, and I’m a better person because of that.


  • As much as I never thought I'd be this person, I say "no" to sleeping in until the last minute in order to get up, read, drink coffee, and get ready because I know that's what will set me up for a better day. I'm a late sleeper by nature and in high school and college was known to show up for class with unbrushed hair in order to gain an extra 5 minutes of sleep, but I'm learning that when I take time to prepare for my day, I feel like I have more agency over what happens. 


  • I say "no" to frivolous spending on a daily basis so I can stay at home with my baby.  I think I told Tom I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom on our first date. I don’t think this was hard for him to comprehend as he comes from a home with a stay-at-home mom. But with our own, actual, real human on the way, we’re realizing the sacrifices that we’ll have to make to make this happen. I’m SO thankful for a husband who is busting his butt at work every single day to provide this luxury for me and baby. I really do consider it a luxury, and I want to make out with him right now.


  • Speaking of bigger life choices, in our quest for the next place to live, we are grappling with the age old "do we stay in the city or move to the 'burbs?" question. Option A is spending more money for a smaller space in order to have a shorter commute and to be near all the amenities Houston has to offer. Option B is moving further out of the city to get more house for less money, which will also mean a longer commute and being further away from city life. We aren't the first people to make this decision and certainly won't be the last but what I'm learning is there is no one "right" answer. What's right for us right now might change in 5 years and it might look different than what's right for you and that is A OK. Stay tuned for what we decide...


  • All the type A personalities back me up on this one... I have to say "no" to chores so I can say yes to time for myself. This is a work in progress. I hate going into Monday without a clean house and finished laundry. Tom is a huge help in this area, but sometimes chores are left undone when the week begins because I chose to read or watch TV or take a jillion bubble baths.


  • Bringing it full circle to my word of the year, which is "settle", I'm saying "no" to more travel opportunities this year so I can settle into my community more. This is a hard one because just because I'm saying no doesn't mean the opportunities don't present themselves and it doesn't mean they're not tempting. This is a true practice in self control that is tough in the moment but I'm hoping it will pay off in the long run.
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