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Episode 29: Media For Your Mood: Entertainment To Consume For Your Ever Changing Emotions

Episode 29: Media For Your Mood: Entertainment To Consume For Your Ever Changing Emotions

This week we’re discussing two things that are near and dear to us females: media and emoting. Whether you’re wanting to wallow in your emotions or conjure a certain aesthetic, there’s no better way than to consume certain types of media. Listen in as we list our favorite movies/shows/podcasts for specific moods/emotions/seasons. Ranging from what we watch to veg out to what we listen to to feel inspired, we cover a wide range of entertainment and moods. Make sure you’re following along with us on Instagram to keep up with all things Kitschy Kountdown!

  1. When I’m Sick: when I (KA) am sick, all I want in life is to lay on the couch and watch Bravo reruns while a sip my Sprite and nibble on some Saltines. I’ll take any show I can get (I'll even settle for Tabitha's Salon Takeover), but bonus points for RHONY, RHOC, or Flipping Out. I live for the old days of Tamra  and Gretchen having it out or watching the gut wrenching fall out between Bethenny and Jill.

  2. When I’m In The Mood To Lounge: I (KB) watch romantic comedies, because they require zero brain power. I went through a phase in college when I watched nothing but Ashton Kutcher movies. It was not my proudest moment, but they’re perfect to pop in when I want something more than 30 minutes long but don’t really want to pay attention. Just Married is a favorite, as is The Killers. Not AK, but Life As We Know It is also a top contender.

  3. When I’m Feeling Nostalgic: A Cinderella Story and Two Weeks Notice are two movies I (KA) can pop on, can zone out, and they take me back to a simpler time when I wanted my life to be like a rom com (I’ve since evolved. I want my life to be like an Instagram celebrity. I’m much more sophisticated now). It’s not so much that these are great movies, but they came out in very specific times in my life that I like to reflect back on fondly.

  4. When I Like, REALLY, Want To Tune Out: when a movie is too long and I (KB) just want something familiar, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, and Friends, are staples. They’re shows where I can be in the other room and hear an obscure line and say “I know which episode of which season this is and here is the exact scene” because I’ve seen them all so many times. And they’re still funny.

  5. Palate Cleanser: after watching a particularly heavy show or getting a wee bit too invested in the fictional characters of a show and I’m missing the people I’ve grown to love, I (KA) always turn to my tried and true shows, The Office or Parks and Rec. They’re familiar, they’re funny, they’re comforting, they get me through the tough transition into a new show.

  6. When We’re In The Mood For A Seasonal Shift: when it comes to welcoming the coming seasons, we each have our own ideas of what constitutes the quintessential movie/show and what beckons each season: 

    KB: Summer: HIMYM Fall: Gilmore Girls; Winter: The Holiday

    KA: Summer: Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, The Parent Trap; Fall: Dan In Real Life; Winter: ditto with KB, The Holiday

  7. When I’m Cooking: I (KB) don’t typically turn on something I can see, because, you know, water turning off and on, paying attention to food not burning, stuff like that. Podcasts are the perfect cooking entertainment and my go-to’s are: The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey, My Favorite Murder, and Nourish. Nourish is great because it’s short and coincides with the time it takes to cook dinner. And girl talk podcasts are perfect in general for cooking because you can turn on the water for 30 seconds and not miss anything hilarious or life changing (unlike The Popcast With Knox and Jamie, where you never know when you’ll end up peeing your pants laughing, so you need to be on alert).

  8. When I’m (KA) Looking To Feel Inspired: 3 podcasts come to mind. The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey, DAIS, and Awesome With Alison. All three are just women offering encouragement to other women. Jamie Ivey interviews women in all stages of life and even if you don’t relate to their situation, you still walk away with a new bit of wisdom or insight. DAIS is hosted by our BFF Rachel Hollis and it’s focused on empowering women (or people in general) in business. And Awesome With Alison just strives to make you feel a tad more awesome than you already are while offering insightful thoughts and advice. If you’re in need of some inspiration, start with episode #150 of The Happy Hour, episode #10 of DAIS, and episode #25 of Awesome With Alison.

  9. Whenever I DO Want To Pay Attention: it has to be something I (KB) haven’t seen before, and right now, that’s The Office. I don’t get on my phone, I don’t let myself get distracted, I just let myself experience Jim and Pam’s love story with my unadulterated attention.

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