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Episode 27: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Presents): Gift Guide For Your Girlfriends

Episode 27: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Presents): Gift Guide For Your Girlfriends

In honor of KA’s upcoming birthday, we’ve dedicated this week’s episode to providing you the ultimate gift guide for your girlfriends. Whether you have a friend with an upcoming birthday (or want to give KA a gift), need a quick hostess gift, or are looking for the perfect engagement present, you’ve come to the right place. And make sure you're following along with us on Instagram to keep up with all things Kitschy Kountdown.

Something Worn:

  1. Kate Spade initial necklace- looking for a great bridesmaid gift or birthday gift? Look no further. This personalized pendant is a great wardrobe staple your girlfriend will love. We’re also big fans of this little number. You can’t go wrong with some studs or simple necklace.

  2. Graphic t-shirts- not an American Eagle “Bark in the Park” graphic tee, but the modern day graphic tee with a clever catch phrase or saying. Get lost in all the Etsy shops finding the perfect saying you know your friend will love and appreciate.

  3. Apron- the perfect addition to a kitchen themed gift (think wedding shower). Keep reading for ways to add some pizzazz to this present.

  4. Socks- who wouldn’t love a pair of fluffy socks as a “just thinking of you” gift?

  5. Disclaimer: don’t try to guess your friend’s specific size or style. T-shirts are safe, but don’t try to guess her pants size because it will probably result in your friendship ending.

Something That Keeps on Giving:

  1. Birchbox-  what better way to celebrate someone than by giving them a gift that keeps on giving, month after month? Perfect for a birthday gift or “thank you for watching my cat gift”, there are different subscription levels based on how much you want to spend.

  2. Hellofresh- couple this with the aforementioned apron and you have the total package for the culinary queen in your life.

  3. Calendar- we’re partial to this one from Rifle Paper Co. because at the end of each month, you can take the picture and frame it. Three cheers for gifts that can be repurposed!

Something Personalized

  1. Books- according to KA, books are as personal as it gets. Ranging from inspirational, funny, coffee table books, or even a fun cookbook, books can cover a multitude of sentiments for a multitude of occasions. Be it a hostess gifts, birthday, Christmas, or just because gift, you can’t go wrong with a good book.

  2. Travel prints- know of a place your friend has been or you know she wants to go? There’s a print for that. Think outside just travel and peruse Minted for some other personalized options.

  3. Wine stopper- pair with a bottle of wine with which to use said wine stopper, and you’ve got yourself a great hostess gift.

  4. May Designs notebooks- keep this on your list for teacher gifts as you head back to school. Earn an A+ by adding their name or a monogram.

  5. Mark and Graham tote- speaking of monograms, if you put a monogram on anything, it’s automatically more thoughtful.

Something Useful

  1. Something for her purse- a cute sunglasses case or makeup bag can go a long way in the organizational life of your friend

  2. Ring dish- super cheap, but incredibly helpful. Include a bridal magazine and some nail polish to make it the perfect engagement present.

  3. Tupperware- for the friend in your life who loves her leftovers. Or who loves to keep her veggies fresh.

  4. Do something nice- while books are the most personal gifts, the gift of your time is the most useful and selfless. Run an errand, bring her a coffee, or watch her kids. While there may not be a tangible result, sometimes you just gotta help a sista out.

Something Consumable/Experiential

  1. Care packages- put together a gift basket with your friend’s favorite snacks, wine, soda, coffee, tea, a cute coffee mug or wine glass, magazines, fuzzy socks, and other trinkets to make it thematic. This is a great option for a friend going through a hard time, studying for a big test, celebrating an engagement or new job, or a teacher to teacher gift.

  2. Girls spa date- take it a step above just giving her a gift card, but set a time to go together and you can pick up the tab at the end. You’re not just giving her the gift of getting her nails done, but you have the added bonus of spending time together, and really, it’s a gift for you, too.

  3. Chocolate+wine+flowers+coffee+candles= you can’t go wrong. You can make it thoughtful by picking out a scent or flavor you know she’d love or that you love and you’ll be BFF4L.

  4. Concert tickets- again, go together and share a common experience and make those memz.

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