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Episode 19: Pack Like A Pro: Weekend Bag Essentials For Ladies On The Go

Episode 19: Pack Like A Pro: Weekend Bag Essentials For Ladies On The Go

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, packing for a weekend getaway can be tricky. We’re here to help this week by giving our packing pro tips to help maximize your enjoyment and reduce your stress when it comes to a quick trip. Tune in to hear what bags we love, how to keep your packing organized, and clothing essentials that are versatile yet stylish.

  1. KB’s weekender: Distressed leather duffle bag from Target. With zip pockets on the inside, this roomy bag can expand like crazy and it’s worn look makes you look like a well seasoned traveler. Shop some of our favorite dupes here.

  2. KA’s weekender: Lululemon All Day Tote is multifaceted and a weekend getaway is just one of it’s many uses. With designated compartments for your your phone, sunglasses, and keys, a removal pouch that’s perfect for lipstick or jewelry, and a small laundry bag, this bag is well thought out AND stylish. And really, what more could you want in a weekend bag?

  3. Packing cubes are perfect for keeping all your garments well organized in your suitcase or duffle bag. These babies come in several different sizes to meet all your packing needs!

  4. Pro tip #1: Take a small bag with your OTC meds and cords (i.e.: headphones or iphone charger) so these pesky things aren’t swimming in the bottom of your purse.

  5. Pro tip #2: Save the plastic bags your sheets come in and use them for packing your toiletry items that are likely to leak or are too big for a standard bag. If you need something a little cuter, keep a fully stocked travel toiletry bag with travel sized toiletries so as not to forget something in the “I’ll just leave this out to use in the morning before I leave” shuffle.

  6. A denim jacket or an oversized sweater is always warranted on any type of weekend trip. Whether you wear it, use it as a pillow, or need to tie it around your waist in a fashion emergency, you won’t be sorry for bringing a jacket.

  7. A grey t-shirt. You CANNOT go wrong with a trusty grey t-shirt because it’s comfy and can be dressed up or down- which means less packing, which means less laundry, which means more happiness.

  8. Hydration tools, such as an empty water bottle, some sort of balm for your lips, and lotion, are sure to keep the chapped lips at bay during your weekend getaway.

  9. Tory burch sandals (read: any sensible, neutral, flat, comfortable sandal) maximize the versatility of your outfits while allowing you to cut down on your packing list.

  10. Pro tip #3: Pack a couple of extra quart sized bags in case of a shampoo explosion- you can simply toss the bag and repack without dealing with the cleanup or ruined clothing.

  11. SNACKS! Airport food can be pricey, so make sure you pack your own. Whether you go for clean snacks or dirty snacks, don’t be the person who packs a salami and onion sandwich… trail mix, granola bars, or a bistro box are great ideas of  acceptable clean snacks.

  12. If you get motion sickness, MotionEaze Sickness Relief is a great remedy to ward off the queasiness during your travels.

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