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Episode 20. Let’s Hear It For The Boys: A Gift Guide For Your Guy

Episode 20. Let’s Hear It For The Boys: A Gift Guide For Your Guy

We know firsthand that buying for the boys in your life is trying. With Father’s Day approaching, we felt like delving into the depths of male gift buying would be the best use of our time and yours. And delve we did; we went deep. So deep that we’ve given you categorical guidance. Have a listen and grab some (very specific) ideas for how you can treat the man in your life. Happy shopping!


Something Worn

  1. Hats- a great option because it can be personalized by buying a specific brand your guy likes (I’m looking at you, Patagonia), a certain school, or a certain sports team. Bonus: they are one size fits all, so it takes the guess work out of the equation.

  2. Socks and underwear (tennis shoes and pajamas)- all are essentials men aren’t likely to buy themselves, but we all know they need. You can go for the traditional Hanes whitey-tighties or spring for something more luxurious, like Saxx underwear. Same goes for sock, tennis shoes, and pajamas.

Something That Keeps On Giving

  1. Monthly subscriptions- such a great idea for lots of reasons. There are monthly subscriptions for every hobby/interest imaginable, the recipient of this gift will have the enjoyment of receiving snail mail every month (who doesn’t love that?), you don’t have to brave the crowds of the store, and you can buy it last minute and still look like a champ. Some of our favorites are: Beer Of The Month, Sock Of The Month, Wine Of The Month, Birchbox For Men, Gentleman’s Box, Sports Crate, Alpha Outpost, Mystery Tackle Box, magazine subscriptions of any kind (pro tip: buy one of the magazines and print out a card that tells them there’s more to come), or a Man Crate (which isn’t subscription based, but you could buy several if you choose).

Something Personalized

  1. Yeti Products- personalized by getting the cups “dipped” in different colors to represent a favorite team or school. But, there are so many other products besides the basic cup, so this could be a giving tradition where you pick a new product to give for every occasion until you become like KA’s house and have a whole cabinet devoted to Yeti.

  2. Plan A Trip- this could be as simple as a weekend away or as extravagant as a week abroad (props to you if you can pull that off).

  3. Uncommon Goods- if your guy is into topography (not to be mistaken with typography), you could get a 3D representation of his favorite lake. If having artistic renderings of geographical landmarks isn’t your jam, you’re sure to find the perfect personalized gift on this site.

 Something Useful

  1. Grilling Tools- spring for a Big Green Egg, choose a quality handmade cutting board, or get creative with fun meats to grill. Anything in this category fits the description of thoughtful, yet useful.

  2. Dickey’s Cups- AKA something small and thoughtful. Maybe not the best idea if you’re looking to impress on Father’s Day or a birthday, but a nice surprise to come home to after a long day at work.

  3. Shaving Kits- Owen and Fred makes a practical kit that’s also cute to boot.

Something Consumable

  1. Nice Whiskey- Nice whiskey or wine are great options for splurging on something your guy wouldn’t ordinarily buy himself.

  2. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans- again, this is a metaphor for a small, thoughtful snack (or something of that caliber) that you know your guy enjoys.

  3. Tickets To A Sporting Event- whether it’s a one time game, or you buy a game ticket package (more power to you if you split the package with someone else) this is a great option for the sports fan in your life.

  4. One Time Activities- whether it’s a fun after hours museum exhibit, a concert, or tickets to a comedy club, one time events make memorable experiential gifts you man is sure to love!

Tom’s Advice:

  1. Don’t try to pick out something for your guy that has to do with his hobby (don’t buy a fishing pole for your husband if the only species of fish you know if bass) but gift cards where they can pick out their own equipment is an acceptable gift

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