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Episode 13. Movin’ On Up: And Movin’ On Out to a New Home

Episode 13. Movin’ On Up: And Movin’ On Out to a New Home

Whether you’re moving down the street or across state lines, you’ll enjoy this week’s episode of tips we've gathered about how to make your move as seamless as possible. As always, we categorized our tricks into three categories: pre-move, during the move, and post-move. Because organization, you guys. For those who may be in the middle of a move, those considering one in the near future, or those who have lived in the same house for 20 years, there's a little something for everyone in this episode.



  1. PURGE. If you don’t love it, don’t take it-especially if you’re downsizing. If you don’t love it, you REALLY won’t love packing it up, moving it, and unpacking it. Use your move as an excuse to ditch that canvas you painted in college that made your dorm room SoOoO cute but has no place in your grown-up house. Pro-tip: if you think you may be moving in the near future, use this closet trick to figure out which clothes should make the cut.

  2. Give everything a good clean. Wash your clothes, your dishes, etc. before packing to ensure it’s ready to go when you unpack and to prevent tracking unwanted dirt and dust into your new home.

  3. Get an apartment locator or realtor if you’re moving far away (shout out to Megan at Smart City). They will be your stand-in if you aren’t available to scope out your city, which is a massive life saver. Check out SmartCity or an apartment locator near you!

  4. Make sure you pack an overnight bag with a few days worth of your essentials (i.e. clothes, underwear, and toiletries). Also have handy: cleaning products, toilet paper, Ziploc baggies (for hardware), box cutters, and a tool kit. Having these things set aside will save you the headache of rummaging through box after box trying to find a new t shirt or Clorox wipes and allow you easy access to your belongings.


During Your Move

  1. Save money where you can, but spend money where you need to. Recruit friends and family to help load your moving vehicle, but hire movers in your new city for the unloading. Top notch organizational skills will cut down on the amount time you need to hire movers. Also, order your packing supplies on Amazon and it’s like a BOGO event- buy bubble wrap, get a free box! Thirdly, hit up a local liquor store for free boxes. Lastly, make sure to repay your people by buying dinner and providing lots of water. A little Mexican food, and maybe some margaritas, goes a long way.

  2. Wardrobe boxes are a great investment. Take your clothes straight from your closet, to the box, and back to the closet without your garments ever leaving the hangers. These can be reused multiple times, so definitely worth the money.

  3. Start your packing with wall decorations. If you don’t have packing paper, use t-shirts or newspaper or dish towels or sheets to wrap breakable items. ALSO, label your boxes BEFORE you close them to avoid misplaced items and lots of stress. While you’re labeling, label the designated room and the contents. Maybe even use computer paper with masking tape as your label so you can reuse your boxes in the future.

Getting Settled

  1. When it comes to unpacking, just start somewhere. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to figure out the most strategic place to start, but just starting somewhere is better than nothing at all. Maybe pour yourself a glass of rosé or a mimosa, depending on the time of day, to make the process a lil more enjoyable.

  2. Get your personal touches out ASAP. Don’t go all out with the decorations immediately, but the sooner you can display pieces that make your new place feel like home, the sooner you’ll start to settle in. Makeshift decorations: wedding invites, save the dates, and Christmas cards make it feel like your friends are right there with you.

  3. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a little bit to get settled. This goes for getting your home together and emotionally adjusting to your new surroundings. Give yourself grace to acclimate to all the changes, but know that the lack of familiarity and discomfort won’t last forever. You’ll find your routine and rhythm, and until then, embrace frozen pizza.

  4. Don’t wait to reach out and get connected in your new community. The quicker you get plugged in, the quicker your new city will start to feel like home. Throw yourself into new activities and live your best life.
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