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Episode 43: #blessed: thoughtful, trivial, and thankful

Episode 43: #blessed: thoughtful, trivial, and thankful

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we, like most of you, found ourselves reflecting on what we're grateful for this year. While it would be easy to list the obvious, we wanted to challenge ourselves to think outside the box, because let's be honest, listing things you're thankful for can become pretty trite. From grocery delivery services, to celebrity name choices, to closet hacks, we discuss a range of things we're thankful for in an effort to get your wheels turning so when it's your turn to go around the table this Thanksgiving you're not stuck saying something lame. If you have something out of the ordinary that you're thankful for, share it on Instagram and tag us @kitschykountdown!

Things That Make Life Easier

  1. Instacart because sometimes you're traveling on the weekends and life gets busy and you just need your groceries delivered to your house.
  2. Crockpots because you can cook anything in them without spending hours in the kitchen and still have a warm, delicious, homemade meal. Maybe next year an Instapot will be on the list after I try it out...
  3. Husbands who anticipate your needs by pouring you a glass of wine when you walk in the door and ordering you a screen cover replacement for your phone before you ask for one.
  4. Coffee because it's hard to wake up in the mornings and the beep of the coffee pot is sometimes the only thing that can draw you from the warmth of your bed.

Things You Wouldn't Think To Be Thankful For

  1. Having a long commute because it allows me to listen to more podcasts. If you have a 30 minute commute we know the perfect show that comes out on Monday mornings...
  2. Laundry because it means that my husband is still living and breathing and existing and going about life fully clothed.
  3. My clothing size because when I'm shopping for a popular item that is sold out in the average sizes, there's always going to be an XL or size 10 shoe left.
  4. Matching hangers because it adds uniformity to my closet and creates some clothing harmony.

Celebrity Events

  1. Justin and Selena getting back together, because the heart wants what it wants.
  2. John Mayer's 2017 tour because it was a compilation of all his best stylings and it may or may not have induced tears. It was an emotional experience, to say the least.
  3. Taylor Swift's new album because it's been way too long since her last record. At the time of stating this opinion the album had not released, but I can now say with full confidence that I stand by this choice.
  4. Sean Puff Daddy Combs has changed his name to something we can remember, and for that, we rejoice. 
  5. We, and we assume Liam Hemsworth, are saying PTL for Miley Cyrus seemingly emerging form whatever phase she's been going through the past few years.
  6. Harry Styles released an album this year and we're so thankful because he's just so dang talented.

Learning To Be Thankful For

  1. Living in a new city and the uncomfortableness that comes with the adjustment. Change is not a feeling I naturally embrace but I'm learning to feel grateful for this time of uncertainty and embrace the discomfort that I inherently want to reject.
  2. Busy days because they make the slower times so much sweeter.
  3. Apartment life. While I don't really super love living in an apartment, I'm working on feeling grateful for the positive aspects of apartment living. Free coffee and food truck Thursdays are at the top of the list.
  4. Work. Not only am I grateful to be employed, but also for the ebbs and flows of the life of a teacher. I may be grading papers until my fingers bleed, but also, summer break.
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